Rwanda Musasa Nkara

Rwanda Musasa Nkara

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Nkara Washing Station is owned by the Dukunde Kawa Cooperative. During harvest, cherries are being delivered to the station daily. They ensure only the ripest cherries were passed through sorting and inspection. Then the coffee cherries were transferred into a flotation tank to remove all the floaters and pulped on the same day, using a mechanical pulper, which divides the beans into three grades. As usually A1 being the best grade.

After being pulped, the coffee is fermented overnight for around 12-18 hours and then graded again by weight through flotation channels. Then the coffee beans were soaked for another 24 hours, before being moved to raised screens for manual sorting by hand. The pre-drying sorting was done under shade for around six hours. The idea is that the unripe coffees are still visible when the beans are damp, while the shades protect the coffees from direct sunlight before the actual drying process.

After wet sorting by hand, the beans are moved onto the African Raised beds to be dried for around two weeks (until 11% moisture content), where the coffees are being racked regularly and sorted again for defects. After reaching 11% moisture content, the coffees were stored at Mblima warehouse before final dry-milling and sorting again at the Dukunde Kawa’s new dry mill at the Ruli washing station.

This coffee is very unique with its crisp Fuji Apple notes, mellow poached pear, and brown sugar finish. Especially it its brewed with a lower brewing ratio, it will have that viscous - sticky brownies lingering finish! Lovely!