Our Story

Papa & Mama Bakery, Bistro, and Coffee (BBC) is a bakery based boutique café and roastery (born as a bakery in Medan (1985), raised in Jakarta (1993), and continue to be evolved as a café (2016)), that is dedicated to high quality and traceable specialty coffee.

 In Papa & Mama BBC, we spend a lot of our time sourcing beans from some of the best coffee producers in the world, searching for beautiful coffees that are simply  memorable. We started to roast them carefully in small batches at our Green Ville roastery as Andrew’s Roastworks(2018). From there, we always aim to highlight the most exotic characteristics in our coffee through every sourcing, every roast, and every brew. Finally, we just want to make great coffees exciting again, simple, and easy to be enjoyed, in the most transparent way. Because we believe that is the true spirit of specialty coffee.

Since 2016, we have opened our doors, and shared hundreds of beautiful coffees with thousands of passionate customers. We can’t wait to continue the journey with you.