Ethiopia Suke Quto

Ethiopia Suke Quto

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Ethiopia - Suke Quto, Honey Processed, Kurume; Welicho.

The Suke Quto farm which is currently organic and rainforest alliance certified was started by Tesfaye with a dream to develop an environmental friendly coffee and sustaining the local community with a consistent income. The local smallholders harvest organic coffee and deliver them to Suke Quto farm for processing.

Impressed by the coffee quality, and after finding out that their goals greatly overlap with each other, Trabocca have been working closely together with Suke Quto farm. As the main buyer, Trabocca pays for the farm’s certification and together they have conducted numerous experiments to further improve their coffee quality.

This particular coffee is the result of their ‘Operation Red Cherry’ program. Trabocca is very serious about quality control, the collaboration between the Suke Quto farm and Trabocca has brought the farm to the level that they’re now on.