Fruits from the Woods

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Guatemala Santa Felisa

Red Pacamara, Natural - Anaerobic Fermentation.

"Fruits from the Woods"

This is our first auction lot that we just won this year. This coffee comes from Santa Felisa, the Guatemala COE winning farm in 2017 with its magical Kalibus la Sierra.

Before we participated the auction, we got the samples, and did a blind cupping together with our friends and customers. Our choice fell to this killer crop. Which is surprisingly not a gesha varietal, but a Pacamara.

We were intrigued to pick this coffee due to its well-structured body and flavor. this coffee gives us layers upon layers of flavors, starting from wild flowers, panela(sugar browning aromatics), malic acidity like apple, and some sweet brown spices, which reminds us of a cinnamon apple pie. With this complex flavor, no wonder they name it “Fruit from the Woods”.

Then we bid this coffee on August 2018, and won it at 28 US$ per kg. Finally the coffee has arrived, and we have already roasted this coffee. Just as we cupped before, this coffee is very well structured. The aroma transcends from a wild flowers aroma to a sugar browning aromatics every time it’s swirled. On the first sip, you will get straight malic acidity, like apple, caramel sweetness, and that sweet brown spice undertone, just like a cinnamon apple pie. The body is very well structured, with a long pleasant finish of caramel.