Ethiopia Guji Jigesa

Ethiopia Guji Jigesa

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This coffee was fully washed by using clean flowing water from the Mormora river. Classified as a Grade 1, this coffee’s quality speaks for its effort and grading during processing.

Each day, hand picked coffee cherries are delivered to Jigesa washing station and meticulously sorted by hand and through flotation tank, to remove unripe, overripe, and damaged fruits.

Then the coffee cherries were pulped and graded by weight. Heavier beans (G1) have superior quality and deliver a sweeter cup. After grading, the coffee is soaked in clean water for 36-48 hours to remove the mucilage. The coffee is the re-washed and graded again by density in washing channels and soaked in clean water again for 12 hours.

The coffee is then dried for 10-12 days on African drying beds. Covered for the first 3-5 hours and subsequently in the sun. The coffee is then hand-sorted again during drying, removing any defects, and turned regularly to ensure a perfecy drying. At mid-day the coffee is covered to protect it from over drying (due to the heat from full sun). It is also covered overnight to prevent damage from morning dew.

This coffee is truly amazing with its rose petals aroma, followed with a soft and sweet yellow peach, orange-like acidity, and tea-like body.